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Extra-Mural Activity Benefits for Early Childhood Development

There is no doubt that extra-mural activities such as sports and club activities, teach children important life lessons.

Extra-mural activities also have health benefits because kids playing sports are more active, they develop important muscle groups, and they spend more time out of doors, which in turn encourages more creativity.

When a child is exposed to a variety of extramural activities, they begin to develop various skills and understandings, including vital life skills such as learning to swim or how to catch a ball.

Physical activities also promote a child’s emotional and physical well-being and create healthy life-long habits.

Additionally, extramural activities have been proven to provide intellectual stimulation and have a positive influence on the academic performance of children.

Furthermore, when children are exposed to a multitude of various activities it provides an opportunity to broaden their view and appreciation of the world. It also helps maintain their natural curiosity and passion.

Participation in a range of activities creates opportunities for children to find and develop their passions, which in turn, will promote happiness and a balanced life in the future.

Moreover, participation in a variety of extramural activities helps to develop many character traits that are vital to a child’s overall growth into adulthood. Traits such as integrity, teamwork, dedication, motivation, friendship, time management, honesty and accountability.

Involvement in activities also offers children the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and for them to become more independent.

Kay-Dee Educare Mowbray

At Kay-Dee Educare Centre, we offer a variety of fun extra-mural activities aimed at helping your children develop their talents and interests.

Extra-mural activities for kids

For more information about our centre’s curriculum or extra-mural activities, please contact us.

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