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Child Development - Effective parenting and your child's future

Deciding to have a child is a major decision and should be done so with the understanding that it is one of the most intricate responsibilities you will ever have.

Everything you do during your child’s young life is ultimately moulding them into the person they will be for the rest of their life. Early childhood development is vital in that it lays the foundation for future life-skills.

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Why it's important to develop your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

The world has a tendency to use academic results to gauge intelligence while overlooking one of the most important things your child can ever learn which is emotional intelligence.

Social development lays down an everlasting foundation for emotional development, both of which are delicate processes that directly influence each other and help shape your child into the person they will one day become.

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Festive Greetings from Kay-Dee Educare Centre Mowbray

As the year ends and we all prepare to take a small break its time to reflect on 2016.

This year has been a long and prosperous one for Kay-Dee Edu-Care Centre Mowbray, it has seen us go from strength to strength and with the end of the year in sight we are feeling immensely satisfied with our accomplishments.

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An After School Program with Early Childhood Development at Heart

Finding an aftercare school that understands the needs of your family, can make a huge difference when it comes to managing work demands and the general stresses of life.

Good after school care should also provide a secure environment, one where children are given the freedom to be creative, while offering them a structure perfect for early childhood development.

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Baby Daycare Centre Cape Town

Parents often choose to put their babies in daycare / creche once they resume work. This is mostly because a crèche offers a more formal and structured environment than that of an at-home nanny or a relative.

But with so many daycare centres out there, most parents are left wondering which centre is right for their bundle of joy?

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Extra-Mural Activity Benefits for Early Childhood Development

There is no doubt that extra-mural activities such as sports and club activities, teach children important life lessons.

Extra-mural activities also have health benefits because kids playing sports are more active, they develop important muscle groups, and they spend more time out of doors, which in turn encourages more creativity.

When a child is exposed to a variety of extramural activities, they begin to develop various skills and understandings, including vital life skills such as learning to swim or how to catch a ball.

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Quality daycare for your child & peace of mind for you

Choosing the correct type of daycare for your child is a vitally important decision.

Kay Dee Educare Centre is an early childhood development school in Cape Town where children can learn and develop in a safe environment, with caring staff members who take pride in the trust placed by parents in them.

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