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Why it's important to develop your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

The world has a tendency to use academic results to gauge intelligence while overlooking one of the most important things your child can ever learn which is emotional intelligence.

Social development lays down an everlasting foundation for emotional development, both of which are delicate processes that directly influence each other and help shape your child into the person they will one day become.

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How to Handle a Temper Tantrum - Tips from an Educare Centre

Emotion is the driver behind behaviour. All people act and behave in a manner that is determined by what emotions they are feeling. While this is also true of adults it is especially important when dealing with young children.


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Recognising Developmental Delays and Disabilities in Children

There is no schedule or timetable for how all children should grow. In fact, there is a huge amount of variance in the pace that each child develops at.

A classic example of this is the age at which babies start to walk. Some babies start to walk at the age of 9 months where others only take the first step at the age of 15 months.

In both of these cases, the babies are within the range of typical development and this is completely normal.

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The Truth about Sugar and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

The new year has started and healthy living is on everyone's agenda after the holiday season.

With healthy living in mind for your children, we at Kay-Dee Educare in Mowbray think your child's lunchbox is a great place to start.

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