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We are currently running a promotional special on our Babies to Grade R/0 fees.


R2,500-00 a month

Educare Cape Town


We are currently running a promotional special on our Babies to Grade R/0 fees.


R2,500-00 a month


Kay-Dee Educare Centre Cape Town!

Quality Childcare, Creche and Aftercare


We are currently running a promotional special on our Babies to Grade R/0, and Afterschool Care fees.

All application forms must be handed in either by hand or via email before or on your child's commencement date.

Please contact our school via emailing Ms Odette Leach at [email protected] and/or alternatively you may call on our landline at 021 689 9615.


The Kay-Dee Educare Centre accepts all children, from the ages of 3 months to 7 years. Our centre offers children a loving, caring environment, one where they feel comfortable and encouraged to develop. Our business hours are from 07:00 am to 18:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Special arrangements can be made for our Early Arrival services at 06:30 am from Monday to Friday. Our centre provides nutritious halaal meals and afternoon snacks.

In addition, we are open all year round and only close for three (3) weeks over the December/January period and on public holidays. Our centre offers a large secure outdoor play area with CCTV cameras in all the classrooms and outdoor areas and armed response security.

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At Kay-Dee, your child will receive a relevant and advanced education from our qualified teachers. We make sure to follow a structured syllabus designed to prepare your child for Primary Schooling phase. Furthermore, the syllabus is aimed at giving your child the best possible early childhood development, helping them to cultivate and develop the skills they will need later on in life.

Registration Form / Admission Contract

A Registration form is available for full-day children and half-day children. Additionally, we offer a casual or part-time basis, as well as for afterschool care.

The Registration form can be downloaded from our website here. When the Registration form has been completed and returned to Kay-Dee, a detailed Admission Contract will be provided in order to finalise the Registration.


Large Party Venue

Kay-Dee Educare offers facilities as large weekend children's party venue. 

Convenient and spacious, with everything you need to make the party a success, Kay-Dee makes a great venue for kids' parties.

Special Needs Children

We also provide a supportive environment for special needs children:

Physically disabled children, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Tourettes Syndrome.

Educare Centre Mowbray

Quality EduCare

We provide quality, cost effective Educare for children from age 3 up to and including Grade R in Rondebosch, Rosebank, Mowbray and surrounding areas.

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After-School Care Mowbray

After-School Care

We offer an After-care service which includes a holiday club. We offer school pick-up transport for after-school care children only.

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Creche and Baby Care Mowbray

Creche and Baby Care

We offer a Baby-care service for moms who want a stimulating environment for their babies and toddlers.

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[Title]Empowering Children with Special Needs

Empowering children with special needs is not just about providing the right resources or environment; it’s about understanding, commitment, and collaboration. Both educators and parents play pivotal roles in this journey.

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[Title]Choose Kay-Dee for Year-Round Enrolment

Kay-Dee Educare Centre isn't just a place where children spend their day; it's a nurturing environment where they grow, learn, and thrive. Our educators are highly qualified, passionate about early childhood development, and dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming space where every child feels valued and understood.

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[Title]Stimulating Your Child's Development with Things Around the House

Understanding the milestones that your child should reach between the ages of 6 months and 1 year is crucial for their overall development. Milestones serve as indicators of normal development and are categorized into physical/motor and cognitive domains.

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