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Reopening of Schools in South Africa and how this affects Edu-Care

Although there has been discussion about the reopening of schools in South Africa from the 1st of June 2020, there is little clarity regarding the basic education sector which includes day care and edu-care centres.

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How much sleep does your child need? (Afternoon naps are crucial)

When it comes to their children’s sleep, many parents are unsure of when, where and how much is required. This often leads to children being in control of their sleep patterns (or lack thereof) which can result in some very unwanted side effects.

Sleep training your toddler is highly important in developing healthy sleep patterns which will play a key role in other areas of your child’s life.

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Why it's important to develop your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

The world has a tendency to use academic results to gauge intelligence while overlooking one of the most important things your child can ever learn which is emotional intelligence.

Social development lays down an everlasting foundation for emotional development, both of which are delicate processes that directly influence each other and help shape your child into the person they will one day become.

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How to Handle a Temper Tantrum - Tips from an Educare Centre

Emotion is the driver behind behaviour. All people act and behave in a manner that is determined by what emotions they are feeling. While this is also true of adults it is especially important when dealing with young children.


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Baby Daycare Centre Cape Town

Parents often choose to put their babies in daycare / creche once they resume work. This is mostly because a crèche offers a more formal and structured environment than that of an at-home nanny or a relative.

But with so many daycare centres out there, most parents are left wondering which centre is right for their bundle of joy?

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Not every Crèche in Cape Town is an Educare Centre

Pre-primary education refers to the stage of education before primary school for children.

"Pre-primary is an important stage which lays the foundation for life-long learning and whole person development, and serves as the starting point of formal education. It articulates with primary, secondary and tertiary education to form an entire spectrum of education." (The Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum, endorsed by the Curriculum Development Council of Hong Kong).

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