Early childhood development has several benefits, most of which ripple forward into the various and intricate spheres of adulthood.

It is relatively safe to say that most people have either heard or used the phrase “their minds are like sponges” when reference to a young child is made.

Minds like sponges are minds that absorb every drop of information that comes from their surroundings. This information ultimately shapes every delicate part of a child’s character.

It is for this reason that the importance of early childhood education and early childhood development is taken seriously by both the parents as well as the teachers.

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5 Benefits of Early Childhood Development


The dictionary defines resilience as “the ability to recover quickly from difficulties”. It is no secret that life has many difficulties. Challenges, turmoil, hurdles and complications have the ability to either break us down or make us stronger.

Teaching children to be resilient teaches them that there will be challenges to face and that they need not shy away from these challenges as they serve as lessons and will allow them the opportunity to grow as individuals.

Part of the lesson that may be learned when facing and overcoming challenges is finding healthy ways to approach similar challenges in the future. Consequently, these difficulties will have less power over us as we develop resilience.

We are then able to bounce back and climb the next metaphorical mountain with ease and grace. With resilience also comes perseverance, patience and gratitude.

Acceptance of diversity

Not only are classrooms, universities, workplaces and social environments extremely diverse – our whole world is made up of vastly diverse cultures, religions and traditions and even species.

Healthy early childhood development nurtures true acceptance of all kinds. When children are taught to love, respect and honour all diversities, they also learn to appreciate their own uniqueness which ultimately fosters self-love.

Self-love carries with it self-esteem, self-respect and forgiveness.

Ability to concentrate

ADHD has become somewhat of an epidemic and more young children are being diagnosed as ADD or ADHD now more than ever before.

However, early childhood development can make a huge impact on a child’s ability to concentrate as well as retain information.

Allowing young children, a healthy balance between exploring their imagination and listening when a teacher speaks allows them to understand there is a time and place for everything.

Should a child have the opportunity to be imaginative, he will be more likely to focus when it comes time to do so. As a result, the child will not feel forced to be academic 100% of the time. When children feel forced they mostly respond with resistance.

Allowing children this type of balance allows them the opportunity to develop a sense of trust with teachers and other authoritative figures. It also teaches them to value the importance of education.

How to work in a team

Teamwork is easily one of the most important social skills to teach a child in pre-school. The ability to work within a team is extremely important as it will be required in almost every area of life including primary and high school, university, the workplace and even marriage.

Teamwork requires a sense of leadership as well as the ability to carry out orders given by the leader of the team. It also teaches children to take initiative and understand the boundaries of their own expertise.

Effective teamwork results in successful outcomes which paves the way for ambition and reasonable reward.

General social skills

There are several childhood development stages that are aimed at fostering healthy social skills. Stages of childhood development ensure that the child develops emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the key to empathy as well as effective communication (both expressing feelings and listening to others express theirs).

Fostering emotional intelligence and teaching healthy social skills to children teaches them to adapt to different environments as well as to be self-confident in any situation.

Self-confidence contributes to a child’s ability to stand up for themselves when they feel threatened which is something a shy child finds difficulty in doing. This is a vital skill to have in our modern society.

Early childhood education in preschool is absolutely vital and extends far beyond the obvious lessons such as numbers and letters.

Healthy education will include all aspects of developing an emotionally intelligent, confident, loving individual who will be able to use these personal skills to grow a brighter future for us all.

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