Kay-Dee Educare mission statement for aftercare children with learning disabilities

We accept children with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia (and all other language based learning difficulties,) Physical disabilities, Developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, Orthopaedic Impairments, ADD / ADHD ( Attention Deficit Disorders), Autism, Bipolar and Tourette’s Syndrome.

Children with activity limitations are often referred to as having special needs, or being disabled or differently-abled. This simply means that they are unable to participate fully in age-appropriate activities because of chronic physical, mental, emotional or behavioural conditions.

Safe environment

Kay-Dee Educare accepts these children as those children who have or are at risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioural or emotional condition and who need to be in an environment such as an afterschool with children and adults that that they can relate to,  and get the attention that they need from professional, supervised staff.

We believe that the inclusion of children with special needs in the natural aftercare environment is beneficial to all children.

It also teaches children with no disabilities to respect, cooperate with, play (and not mock) them.

The most important advantage of having your child in this setting is that it widens his / her areas of interests. He or she is introduced to new things, sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging.

To be able to mix and become friends with their non-disabled peers and the chance to experience meaningful and authentic belonging.

This will increases your child’s self-esteem as socialization is a great advantage of afterschool care. Children get to meet others who share their interests and make new friendships.

We offer a stimulating extra mural program called African Music and Dance.  Children who are kept busy through diverse absorbing activities are less prone to fighting amongst each other, boredom, depression and burnout.

Looking after children can demand exhaustive attention and resources and our goal is not to put a strain on afterschool programs, but rather to encourage programs to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with and without disabilities.

We nurture, honour and celebrate each child’s unique strengths

We provide a safe environment, help them have higher aspirations, improved social competence, improved behaviour, etc. 

We also offer them the opportunity to assume leadership responsibilities and demonstrate talents that are not always apparent during their regular day.

It’s a place to truly integrate with peers and friends. It also improves relationships with children of all abilities.

The importance of play in learning social and other skills

Many children have a disability that prevents them from using most public playgrounds.

It is vitally important that these children remain engaged and active and therefore Kay-Dee provides a safe environment for children with special needs to physically explore their world, learn and play.

Play is vital for normal growth, development and health for children of all abilities and therefore we offer access to physical activity and play.

Deprivation of sufficient activity and recreation often leads to the development of secondary disabilities and conditions.

Parental support for children with special needs

Kay-Dee supports families and appreciates parents working alongside us with their children.

Many children with special needs cannot be left unattended, so being home alone is not an option.

Kay-Dee provides a comfortable setting for family involvement, critical to the success of all learners, and especially beneficial to children with special needs inclusion.

While all children benefit from high quality afterschool programs, Kay-Dee gives children with special needs the chance to experience meaningful and authentic belonging.

Beyond the benefits of providing learning and enrichment activities, we offer children with special needs the chance to engage with their nondisabled peers in a way often not possible during their regular school day.

We offer a safe haven where children with special needs can learn, do homework, play and succeed side-by-side with children of all abilities.