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Distinguishing Autism in Children vs Sensory Processing Disorder

Distinguishing autism in children versus sensory processing disorder (SPD) or other conditions with similar signs and symptoms is absolutely crucial.

In the past, there has been limited understanding of autism as well as SPD, but with recent advances, there are medical practitioners who specialise in both fields, making accurate diagnosis possible.

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Season’s Greetings from Kay-Dee Educare Centre in Cape Town

All of us at Kay-Dee Educare Centre in Cape Town are faced with the bitter sweet experience of watching our precious little ones grow up as we watch another year come to an end.

As we start our preparations for season festivities, gift wrapping and family time, we reflect back on 2018 with happy and grateful hearts.

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The Importance of Social-emotional Development for your Child

In the past, particular emphasis was placed on the development of one’s IQ rather than EQ, also known as emotional intelligence.

However, over the years and after many important developments in psychology, it has been discovered that nurturing your child’s emotional intelligence has far greater benefits in the long run.

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Early Child Development - The Importance of Imagination

When talking about child development, the most discussed aspects are usually the emotional as well as physical development of your growing child.

However, equally important is the stimulation of children’s imagination and creativity throughout their stages of development. In fact, imagination directly influences a child's emotional and physical development.

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10 Tips to Keep your Child Healthy while at School and Daycare

Kay-Dee Educare and Daycare Cape Town take the health of the children placed in our care very seriously.

We encourage parents to work together with us in preventing your child from becoming sick this winter.

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Should I leave my child to cry it out?

There are many different theories and methods that can be used to make the task of raising your child an easier one.

Some of these methods are useful and some can be quite controversial. However, at the end of the day, there is no single right way to raise a child.

Parenting is a delicate process as we all know; therefore, thorough research is encouraged before implementing any form of method to assist parenting.

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