Finding an aftercare school that understands the needs of your family, can make a huge difference when it comes to managing work demands and the general stresses of life.

Good after school care should also provide a secure environment, one where children are given the freedom to be creative, while offering them a structure perfect for early childhood development.

But with so many afterschool programs available, parents are often left wondering which aftercare offers their children the best possible developmental environment?

Aftercare School Mowbray

Kay-Dee Aftercare School Mowbray

Kay-Dee Aftercare in Mowbray, offers children modern, yet holistic afterschool program, that is aimed at improving their confidence, as well as their overall academic ability.

We provide individual attention, ensuring that your child gets the one-on-one learning experience that they require during their ever so crucial development year.

As an added bonus, we offer transport services, where we will collect your child from school and deliver them safely to Kay-Dee.

Upon arrival, children are made to feel at ease and are encouraged to change into comfortable clothing before eating a full, nutritious meal, provided by us.

After lunch, children are placed in a constructive homework environment, with any necessary assistance or instruction provided by one of our caregivers.

Following “homework time”, children are then given the freedom to play games, explore our playground outside or any other after school activities available.

Occasionally, one of our teachers will initiate a game or activity, in order to engage all the kid’s in a group activity.

The aim of this is to help include children and to help them form friendships and social bonds in a playful, friendly environment.

In addition, we also offer after-care for special needs children and welcome all siblings, as we believe in keeping the family unit intact.

After School Activities

In the afternoons, we also offer an extra mural activity called African Music and Dance. In addition, late afternoon snacks and drinks are also made available.

Holiday Programmes

Not all parents are afforded the opportunity to take leave during school holidays. Kay-Dee offers a great aftercare holiday programme, which will help lighten the load and keep your little ones busy during holiday time.

Our school holiday activities includes a range of enriching outings and special events held during the holidays. This can be a very rewarding experience because children are not always provided the opportunity to do activities such as these during normal school programmes.

For more information about our aftercare facilities, please contact us.

Your children can do much more than survive aftercare school, they can thrive in it!