Parents often choose to put their babies in daycare / creche once they resume work. This is mostly because a crèche offers a more formal and structured environment than that of an at-home nanny or a relative.

But with so many daycare centres out there, most parents are left wondering which centre is right for their bundle of joy?

Baby Daycare Centre Cape Town

Daycare Near Me

Generally, most parents pick their baby care centre based on location. Location and ease of access is vitally important, especially when living in a city as large as Cape Town.

However, making a choice based on what day care centres are nearby, limits parents to choices that might not be up to their required child care standards.

Kay-Dee Baby Daycare is centrally located in Mowbray, Southern Suburbs.

We offer high quality care to babies from as young as 3 months old. Our centre offers babies a safe, loving environment, one where babies are nurtured and encouraged to develop.

The Kay-Dee daycare program is designed to inspire children and their want to experience the world around them. Sensory play is of utmost importance during early childhood development and therefore forms an important part of our curriculum.

Each of our staff are well-trained and equipped with the necessary early childhood development skills needed to foster the growth and development of a baby’s social, behavioural, cognitive, physical and early literacy skills.

We are highly focused on creating experiences and opportunities that support exploration and encourage the rapid and important development that occurs within a child's first years.

Personalised Child Day Care

Each infant is attended to, based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention he or she requires.

We include both fine and gross motor skill activities in our programme, as well as physiotherapy for those who require it.

All of our staff are qualified in first aid training, with their qualification being renewed every two years.

Kay-Dee Educare Centre Cape Town

Our centre is focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged, and secure.

For more information about our daycare, please contact us.